Trapp 74404 No. 04 Orange Vanilla 4 oz. Reed Diffuser Refill

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Fragrance Notes: Brazilian Orange, Tahitian Vanilla, Tonka Bean
With Trapp luxury reed diffuser refills, you can enjoy your favorite fragrance all day. Refill your favorite diffuser vessel and adjust the intensity of fragrance by adding or removing reeds. Perfect for any space in your home or store in a closet for fresh-smelling sheets, clothes, and towels. Our luxury reed diffusers are a flameless addition to our signature poured candles.
Crisp notes of Brazilian orange are softened with rich Tahitian vanilla to create a smooth and comforting fragrance. Tonka bean adds dimension that elevates the other notes.
More than any other piece of home decor, a candle is a sign of life. If a candle is lit, that means someone is home. With ingredients sourced from the highest-quality botanicals, Trapp products are filled with more fragrance than anything else on the shelf.
• Includes a 4-ounce bottle of fragrance oil to refill your favorite vase and two sets of 12 reeds
• Extra set of reeds helps optimize performance throughout the life of the diffuser
• Approximately 45-60 days of use
• Flameless way to enjoy your favorite Trapp fragrance
Bring life into any space with our fragrances. With ingredients sourced from the highest-quality botanicals, our products deliver an exceptional sensory experience.
For optimal performance, flip your reeds once a week. Once the reeds stop absorbing oil, replace with second set of reeds.