Le-Hoki 5D Easy Eyelashes Fans Volume Lashes Extensions Tray,C Curls,0.07 Thickness,Long Stem Premade

$ 13.99 $ 9.99

Brand Freebie

Color 5D-C-0.07mm
Brand Le-Hoki
Material Aluminum

About this item

  • SPECIFICATION:5D 10D Russian premade lash extension fans, 12 rows of 120 pre-made fan eyelashes Length: 9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/13mm/14mm/15mm/MIX(9-15).
  • MATERIAL:Premade Volume Eyelash Extensions. Made of high-grade artificial fibers, as soft as real eyelashes. Under normal circumstances, full-bodied eyelashes will be made in advance, and baking technology will be added to make the curvature longer and softer. Remain stable for more than 1 year.
  • Premade lash Extensions Fans: Grafting false eyelashes to natural eyelashes. False eyelashes are light and easy to use, even if they do not have any professional skills, even beginners can. Simple, effortless to operate, save time, and complete the artwork effectively !
  • Volume Lash Extensions LONG STEMS: Slender fan-shaped, long stems that will not spread out. Simple, easy to operate, save time, and complete gorgeous artwork effectively !
  • APPLICATION: Very suitable for eyelash artists, beauty salons and eyelash beginners to use, take home at an affordable price to provide high-quality and professional DIY products to express their personality and beauty !