10 PCS Valentine's Day Wooden Table Sign,Tiered Tray Decor Gnome Pink Dwarf XOXO Kiss Shape Centerpiece With Hemp Rope Romantic Decoration for Valentine's Day Gift for Home Party Bedroom

$ 13.99 $ 9.99

Brand Freebie

Material:This is a table wooden Sign, and the surface of the centerpiece is painted with environmentally friendly materials.
Product size: This Valentine's Day decoration is approximately only 5 inches tall and won't take up too much space for you, while also providing a good sense of romance.
Packaging contains:This Valentine's Day decoration includes 4 larger tabletop ornaments, 6 small wooden pendants, and a roll of hemp rope.
Beautiful design: The appearance of this Valentine's Day table decor is very cute, the design of pink pendants adds a sense of space to the decoration and makes the overall atmosphere more romantic.
Convenient use: Just string these small pieces of wood with hemp rope and place them anywhere you want to decorate with other wooden centerpiece. The entire space will be filled with the romance of Valentine's Day, without the need for any other tray decorations.