Winnie Pooh Display Case W/Christopher Robin

$ 59.95

Brand Hallmark

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Create a heartwarming scene for your favorite characters with this charming display case. Classic illustrations and story excerpts serve as the backdrop for each shelf to display Christopher Robin and additional figurines (sold separately).
  • Includes Christopher Robin figurine.
  • Inside case: Chapter 1
    Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood…
    And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down…
    so Piglet started bailing.
    He was unaware, atop his chair, while bailing he was sailing.
    So, the Hundred Acre Wood got floodier and floodier…
    We never will forget, our hero of the wet.
    Our quick-thinking, unsinking Pooh Bear…
    and Piglet, who indeed, helped out a friend in need.
    For truly, they’re the heroes of the day.
    “Happy WINDSday, Piglet.”
    “I don’t mind the leaves that are leaving. It’s the leaves that are coming!”
    The first snowfall had covered the Hundred Acre Wood…
    “Can Tiggers ice skate? Why, that’s what Tiggers do the best!”
    …you’ll find the enchanted neighborhood of Christopher’s childhood days.
  • Wood.
  • 8" W x 15" H x 2.25" D