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The wedding garter is said to be one of the oldest wedding traditions- dating back to the Dark Ages. After the wedding festivities- guests would accompany the bride and groom up to their bedroom to ensure that they arrived safely and to wish them well. It was considered good luck for a guest to take home a little piece of the brides clothing.Over time- this ritual evolved into a wild wedding night romp where guests would tackle the bride- ripping her clothes off hoping for a piece of her attire. (It is also said that wedding guests did this to ?help? the new couple along.) In the melee- the garter- which at that time was used to hold up a woman's stockings- would get tossed and it was considered good luck for whoever caught it. Whoever caught the garter was the next to be married. And in those days- I guess you couldn't leave anything to chance!Sometimes brides wear a wedding garter for sentimental reasons. Maybe there is a wedding garter that was passed throughout their family and they are honored to be the next bride to wear it.