What The Deaf Man Heard

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Variety Magazine calls this entertaining, insightful film a pleasure...a joy...a delight. Sammy Ayers and his mother board a bus bound for Georgia and a better life. But the next day, his mother vanishes. Sammy responds by shutting himself off from the world, pretending not to hear or speak. The bus station manager and a waitress take in Sammy. For the next 20 years, he fools the townspeople and remains silent. Then he overhears a scheme that could hurt the people he loves. Join the fun as Sammy cleverly turns the table on an entire town! Stars: Matthew Modine, Claire Bloom, Judith Ivey, James Earl Jones and Bernadette Peters Features: "Making of" featurette; full-screen version; closed captioned DVD also includes behind-the-scenes interview, biographies, credits and production story. Running Time: Approx. 110 minutes