Trapp 70104 No. 04 Orange Vanilla 7 oz. Candle in House Box

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  • FRUITY TROPICAL SERENITY: Brazilian Orange, Tahitian Vanilla, and Tonka Bean unite in a symphony of scents transporting you to a lush tropical garden at sunset, where the tangy aroma of ripe oranges mingles with the warm embrace of vanilla and the earthy richness of tonka bean.
  • FLAWLESS, LONG-LASTING 50 HOUR BURN: Immerse yourself in the allure of our poured petrolatum wax, delivering an even, clean burn that lasts up to 50 hours. Say goodbye to tunneling and soot, and embrace the elegance that defines our fragrance candles.
  • FRAGRANCE REDEFINED: Add a unique touch to your thoughtful gift that’s both decorative and personal. Trapp’s famous House Box candles are formulated to fill a room with a luxurious atmosphere Full of Life, where fragrances become chapters of your narrative, unlocking memories, and creating ambience with every scent.
  • GIFT TO REMEMBER: Unwrap sophistication, elegance, and charm. Poured in a white glass vessel and adorned in our famous House Box, this candle is the perfect gifting statement that says, "Cherish me." Great for birthdays, holidays, housewarming, Mother's Day, and more!
  • COZY, RELAXING AMBIANCE: Create moments that linger and memories that entwine with Trapp's dancing flames. Every flicker ignites life, making your presence felt even when you're away.