8.5 oz Gallerie Tin Tin Evening Onyx

$ 16.50

Brand Woodwick

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Evening Onyx WoodWick Gallerie Decorative Tin - 7.5 oz - Scented Candle Woodwick Evening Onyx Tinned Candle Beautifully decorated tinned candle Fantastic gift idea Approx burn time: 80 hours This Woodwick Evening Onyx Tinned Candle features a unqiuely shaped tin along with wonderful decoration and of course a delightful fragrance. This Woodwick Tinned Candle contains a single natural wooden wick and comes with a lid. This Evening Onyx fragrance by Woodwick is a alluring scent of jasmine, black orchid and sandalwood. Woodwick candles are highly fragranced scented candles by the Virginia Candle Company. Woodwick candles feature a natural wooden wick that creates the sounds of a crackling fire when burning. Scented candles have never sounded so good and this unique wick design adds another dimension to scented candles.