The Elf on the Shelf MagiFreez® Retro Rad 80's Accessories

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Brand CCA & B

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Help Your Scout Elf Be the Raddest on the block!: Unwrap the magic of Christmas with your Scout Elf by giving them MagiFreez The Elf on the Shelf accessories. This magical standing gear for Scout Elves includes everything a Scout Elf needs to be merry to the max!
The Elf on the Shelf Clothes Include: This set includes a pair of MagiFreez standing pants, high top sneakers, vibrant vintage shirt, retro cell phone and classic boombox. All these options provide plenty of elftacular outfits for your Scout Elf to mix and match!.
Adopt a Scout Elf: Every Scout Elf comes from the North Pole and reports to Santa, but you can adopt one from a Santa-approved Scout Elf Adoption Center. Bring home your own Scout Elf and help be the most stylish on the block with this Retro Rad 80's set.
Let the Magic Begin: When you give your Scout Elf a name, you help activate their Christmas Magic so they can fly back and forth to the North Pole every night.
A Christmas Tradition: This beloved family tradition has captured the hearts of children everywhere who embrace the magic of having a hero-in-training Scout Elf who reports to Santa Claus each night during the holidays. It's an extravaganzalorious Christmas experience that adds joy and laughter and is fun for all ages.