Remote Control Car RC Cars for Age 6-8 , 1:20 Scale 2.4G Hz Rechargeable High Speed RC Cars, Gray

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Brand Freebie

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Brand: RCCHOT. RCCHOT Toy car is made of durable ABS material, which has strong crash resistance in a shockproof and lightweight body, ensuring that it will not crack due to collision, providing lasting and stimulating entertainment for your children. The high speed 15KMH RC toy car has 2.4GHz anti-interference control frequency, which can make RC cars race side by side at the same time, and can carry out about 40m remote control. The toy car can not only drive in home but also on outdoor road. Realistic Appearance and high speed will bring on extra surprise and fun. In order to bring a better gaming experience, the front and rear wheels of the remote control car have a built-in spring suspension system to simulate the driving effect of a real car, reduce the collision damage of internal electronic equipment, provide stable running performance, and make the car run smoothly and have a longer life.