R. S. Covenant 698 Sz 10 CZ Round Cut Swirl Silver Ring

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Brand R. S. Covenant

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All stones are hand set; most are prong set in the same manner as fine gold jewelry. You won't find a lot of glue in Covenant rings- but when you do- you can rest assured that steps have been taken to insure that the finest materials have been used to produce the best results. Only genuine Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski crystal are used to represent our diamond-like styles. The finish is the most important part of any piece of fine costume jewelry. Covenant rings have the best finish that money can buy. Every casting of brass-alloy or sterling silver is hand polished before going to the plater. Electroplating is a three stage process; first copper- then nickel and finally pure gold or precious rhodium are electronically bonded to the surface of the ring. In the case of our brass-alloy rings- Covenant's is the only factory that inspects each piece during the plating process. After copper is applied- each ring is re-inspected to be sure the surface has no flaws. Any defects found are sent back to polishing before going back to plating. Our silver rings are made using precious sterling silver. Sterling is the term used to define the highest standard for measuring silver. Specifically- it is an alloy consisting of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.