Our Name Is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Born To Cook Mug 4-1/2-Inch

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Brand Enesco

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Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Foodie? The one that can't stop watching Top Chef even after they know who wins? The one who can talk for hours about chopping, dicing, filleting and working other culinary feats? Designer Lorrie Veasey celebrates the realities of life in the kitchen with this funny mug from her new line of cooking related items. The front reads Born To Cook and features a vintage silhouette with bright pops of color. The back is a reminder of the sad truth: "Forced To Grocery Shop." Which is really why take out food was invented. It's not the slaving over the hot stove that's the hard part, it's standing in line behind the woman with two handfuls of coupons. Great gift for any domestic goddess. From Our Name is Mud, the company the believes that everything tastes better when you drink it out of a funny mug.