La-Tee-Da Effusion and Fragrance Lamp Oil Refills - 32 oz - SOCIAL GRACES

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Brand La Tee Da

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32 fluid ounce bottles of La-Tee-Da Fragrance Lamp Oils. Twice the size of the regular 16 fluid oz bottles! Scents not listed in the pull down menus are temporarily out of stock. La-Tee-Da gives their fragrances two names, a catchy name and a descriptive name. Absynthe (Licorice Cocktail) - A dark and devious potion of black licorice, fragrant herbs, and chocolate sprinkles to exceed your wildest imagination. BEACHFRONT CABANA - Seashore & Musk - Bright scent of fresh seashore, white grapefruit crisp lemon bergamot heart green floral base sweet tobacco CHRISTMAS CHEER - (Bayberry) - New! Memories of holiday tradition come alive with the warm familiar scent of cedar wreaths brightened by fresh sprigs of bayberries, holly, and a kiss of mistletoe. DENIM DIAMONDS - Cashmere Woods & Black Jasmine - Glamorous blend of cashmere & black jasmine additional notes: bergamot, patchouli vanilla musk EVENING WHISPER - Luxurious Lavender - Summer evening in Provence. french lavender and meadow flowers dry down soft & powdery Footprints in the Sand - (Ocean Shore) - Hawaiian paradise.warm sun and tan toes - fresh salty air mingles with fresh peeled citrus and delicate jasmine blossoms. Front Porch - (Sandalwood) - Warming balsamic blend of hard woods with a soothing undertone of vanilla bean. Gardens of Savannah - (Magnolia) - A bright, but alluringly coy fragrance with a fresh heart of magnolia grand flora - hints of musk notes in the base provide subliminal femininity. Hot Toddy - (Spicy Orange) - Orange and cinnamon are combined with warm gingered apples - warm and spicy but reviving. Idyllic Refuge - (Cinnamon Apple) - Fresh ground cinnamon sprinkled on crisp, tart green apples with a warm aromatic base of a long lasting vanilla