Kids Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker Pedometer, Step Calorie Counter, Sleep Heart Rate Monitor for Ages 6+, DIY Watch Face Touchscreen

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Brand Freebie

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Convenient Charging & Long Battery Life: Charging the smart watch is a breeze. You and your kids can simply use the magnetic charging cable for a quick and safe recharge. It only takes 1 hour to fully charge, providing a battery life of 7-10 working days. So, it's always ready for your kids' active playtime.
Promote Healthy Sleep Habits: This smart watch also analyzes your sleep quality, including deep sleep, light sleep, sleep duration, awake time, and your kids' bedtime and wake-up time. With a gentle vibration alarm, it can help wake your kids up in the morning, ensuring they start their day feeling refreshed.
All-Day Fitness Tracking: Our smart watch keeps track of your activity throughout the day, automatically counting your steps, monitoring your heart rate, calculating calories burned, and measuring the distance you cover. It's a great way to inspire your kids to stay active, and you can easily view the detailed data on the H Band App.
Terrific Gift for Kids Age 6+: The smart watch features a fashionable and easy-to-use large touch screen, making it a perfect gift for birthdays or any special occasions. Your kids will love it!