Jelly Belly 64154 Very Cherry Filled Milk Chocolate Bar

$ 7.00 $ 3.00

Brand Jelly Belly

If you can’t get enough of our world-famous Jelly Belly® Very Cherry jelly beans, then we’ve got a scrumptious treat for you! Our new Very Cherry-Filled Milk Chocolate Candy Bar will quickly become a favorite snack for chocolate-covered cherry enthusiasts of all ages. Go ahead and indulge in our 1.75-ounce chocolate bar with filling! Each square of this cherry bar is chock-full of creamy cherry filling with that juicy and tart Very Cherry flavor that you know and love. It’s all covered with rich milk chocolate that will melt in your mouth. Break off a piece to share with a friend or keep it to yourself for a tasty true-to-life cherry and chocolate treat. We’re sure it will become your go-to chocolate-covered, cherry-inspired snack! Our Very Cherry chocolate candy bar also makes a perfect stocking stuffer or gift too. All Jelly Belly Confection items are OU Kosher.