High Pressure Shower Head with Handheld, 6 Spray Settings Water Saving Shower Heads with Stainless Steel Hose, Holder & PTFE Tape

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Brand Freebie

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[6-mode]——UYofo handheld shower head is different from regular shower head as it comes with 6-modes, which gives you a different shower experience UYofo shower head adopts 5-Settings + 1 Point Jet modes, These water outlet methods meet any scene at home, whether it is showering in the bathroom, cleaning the bathroom wall or bathing children and pets, UYofo high pressure shower head can be a wonderful assistant for you.
[Built-in point jet Mode]—— Got unwanted residue or lost hair on your tub or tiles after every shower? Now with UYofo handheld shower head, you can get it clean in seconds. point jet Mode up to 6 foot. Flip the Hand Showerhead and use the back spout for High Pressure cleaning. Rinses away tough grime in no time! And the point injection mode has a switch button that can be directly controlled .
[Water Saving with Great Pressure]—— The shower head is more water saving than regular shower. It has a friendly internal space structure and pressurization technology, which can quickly clean the soap residue and dry hair left after each shower in a few seconds. The powerful water pressure is gentle enough on your tired body all in minutes.
[All accessories included]—— The accessories you will receive in the package include: ①59 Inch(5ft) Stainless Steel Hose ②1*Shower Bracket ③2*Rubber washer( spare) ④Plumber tape⑤ Installation instructions. According to the demonstration diagram in the manual, it is easy to assemble the handheld shower successfully.
[Easy Installation]——You can easily install the shower head without calling a plumber to do it. It gives you a nice DIY experience also. After installing, it will help your entire family to create a better shower hygiene and cleaner shower environment. The standard mounting fitting (G1/2 hose port) gives you a hassle free experience.