Happy Go Luckys - Under the Sea Mini Stuffed Animals (Set of 3)

$ 12.95

Brand Hallmark

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Friends who swim together, stick together, and these saltwater-inspired Happy Go Luckys pals make life under the sea a great place to be. Sea Sea, the seahorse, is a practical joker who keeps everyone smiling when he's horsing around. Ocho, the octopus, has a keen sense about others, whether he's lending a tentacle or pointing fingers to call someone out. And while Finn, the clown fish, is a bit of a fish out of water, he always has good friends around to lean on. Happy Go Luckys choose happiness every day! Each colorful and cute, mini plush friend has a story to tell as they live happily in the imaginary city of Minihappolis. Collect them all!