Happy Go Luckys - Puppy Loves Mini Stuffed Animals (Set of 3)

$ 12.95

Brand Hallmark

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Midnight, the Happy Go Luckys cute canine, likes to pal around with friends close to his heart. A night owl through and through, Midnight explores the streets in search of adventure or a late night snack. Or you will find him with his buddy Fetch, the dog bone, a little go-getter himself who tends to get lost from all his digging around. Then there's Flo, the fire hydrant, who is the eyes and ears of the Minihappolis streets, busy people watching and chatting with Midnight whenever he comes calling. Happy Go Luckys choose happiness every day! Each colorful and cute, mini plush friend has a story to tell as they live happily in the imaginary city of Minihappolis. Collect them all!