Hallmark Kiddie Cars QEP2169 Limited Edition Red 1957 Chevy Bel Air

$ 49.95

Brand Hallmark

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Your car enthusiast will love this cherry red 1957 Bel Air, which is part of our Kiddie Car Classics collectibles. Each car is individually numbered as part of a limited-run quantity and includes a special collector card. Additionally, each car in the series has a coordinating Keepsake Ornament (sold separately). Each car is individually numbered for collectibility.
  • Special collector card is included.
  • On collector card: The '57 Bel-Air was arguably the brightest and best of the bunch. Chrome hood rockets and headlight bezels set the stage, but the wide grille and iconic matching tailfins were the true stars. The gas cap was hidden in the left rear fender, and the owner's manual gave directions for cleaning whitewall tires--a true sign of the times.
    Chevrolet introduced fuel injection in '57 along with the Super Turbo-Fire 283. This small-block V8 engine was marked with a gold "V" on the hood. The Bel-Air's power and relatively light weight made it a success as a hot rod. It won 49 Grand National races, the most in NASCAR history. Most memorable were the 2-door 150 sedans, known as Black Widows, which were the first cars banned by NASCAR for being unbeatable.
  • Artist crafted.
  • Die-cast metal.
  • 6" W x 8.75" H x 4.625" D
  • Coordinating 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Car Keepsake Ornament sold separately.