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Academy Award® winner Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Dwayne Johnson (D.J.), a counselor at a women’s correctional center who dedicates his professional life to helping young people reclaim their own self-respect through selfless service to others. The incarcerated young women in the center come from troubled—often violent—backgrounds. Many of them belong to gangs and have been involved with illegal drugs. In the words of D.J., “They come in here so broken. These are girls who’ve been abused and objectified their whole lives.” Salvation for many of the young women comes in the form of “Crew Nine,” an elite band of volunteers who battle forest fires, help build hiking trails in remote areas, and assist during natural disasters. D.J. encourages the program, believing it can change the way they see themselves—to feel strong, to see other people respecting their strength. Thanks to his presence and guidance, these young women come to realize they have a future, and they are in charge of it.
  • Starrring Cuba Gooding Jr., Q'orianka Kilcher, DeWanda Wise and Rebecca Rivera.
  • Includes "Making of" featurette, behind-the-scenes interview, biographies, credits and production story.
  • Wide-screen version; closed captioned; English subtitles for the hearing impaired.
  • Approx. 110 minutes running time.
  • Originally aired 4/22/12.