Gratitude Box 940219 Pink Floral By Genevieve Gail

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Brand Jason Wright

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Our signature Gratitude Box™ makes it super easy to say thanks and show gratitude to the many influential people in our lives. Use the preprinted stationery to preserve a memory, thank someone for an unforgettable experience, or simply express appreciation. When the notes are used up, THE GRATITUDE BOX™ is a beautiful keepsake box to remind the user of all of their thankful moments. Each box is thoughtfully designed by one of our emerging artists.

•Presented in a beautiful keepsake box designed by our emerging artists
• 24 preprinted stationery sheets - 8"H x 5"W
• 24 coordinating envelopes
• Box measures: 1.9”H x 9” W x 5.87"D
• Made in USA