Car Charm Life Preserver W/ Clear Charm

$ 7.25

Brand Ganz

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The Life Preserver is a device made of buoyant or inflatable material to keep someone afloat in water. Early humans may have used inflated skins or sealed gourds to assist in crossing rivers. In the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci sketched a diving suit and lifebelt. It wasn't until lifesaving services began to form, however, that the issue of safety was taken seriously. Double Sided Car Charm Silvertone With Red Gloss Paint Inscribed Detailing On Both Sides 'Welcome Aboard' Etched On Both Sides Hangs from Rearview Mirror Includes Attached Dangle Charms (sail boat and clear bead) Can also hang from a purse or back pack


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  • Welcome Aboard Life Preserver
  • Rearview Mirror
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