Brownlow Kitchen Brownlow Gifts Easel Recipe Book with Scripture, Christmas Recipes, Red

$ 7.50

Brand Brownlow Gifts

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  • Recipe book is 7 x 6 x 1 1/4
  • 24 Favorite seasonal recipes; 24 blank cards for adding recipes
  • Christmas Recipes; Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings Of Great Joy!
  • Wiro bound; stands upright, folds flat when not in use
  • Look for Brownlow's coordinating, functional and giftable kitchen items
  • With 24 recipes included for you to try and enjoy, and 24 blank cards for your own personal favorites, this recipe book makes a great gift for friends and family. Brownlow Gifts began from a desire to create gifts that would last much longer than flowers and give hope and inspiration long after flowers are gone. Brownlow Gifts has grown into creating inspirational, fashion accessory, paper, and baby gifts along with a selection of giftable kitchen items. The Brownlow Gifts family business continues making products that inspire people and help them connect with the people they love.