Boqii Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Smart Balls, 3 Modes for Different Personalities Upgrade Plush, Pink

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Brand Freebie

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Different from the plastic or rubber shell ball toys, boqii interactive cat toys for indoor cats uses sustainable and safe materials, and also ensure the highest quality. The plush surface is friendly to cat's paws, babies and furniture. boqii cat toys for indoor cats best sellers will no need to disassemble the ball over and over again, just simply plug in the cable for 1 hour, provides your kitty several hours of fun time. Note: If the kitty and the cat ball have been continuously interacting, then the power of the cat ball will be consumed faster, so please replenish the power of the cat ball in time, and also let the kitty rest, and then effectively keep the cat fresh to the cat ball. boqii smart cat balls breaks through the limits of single mode by providing cats with 3 scenarios. Passive Mode: For extremely active cats. Active Mode: For active and bold cats. Moderate Mode: For timid kitties. our focus on the instinctual, physical and emotional needs of felines to develop 3 modes that will engage and stimulate in order to ensure that essential needs are met for cats with different personalities