BIAL TV Cable Hider Wall Kit Paintable Cable Cover Cable Concealer to Hide Cables White

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Brand Freebie

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This cord hider wall can hide and organize the messy wires in the home and office, which can make your house look cleaner and tidy. This cable cover puts those dangerous wires out of reach of children and small pets, thus keeping away from danger. This wire covers for cords is easy to operate and easy to install. Each package contains screws, anchors and self-adhesive tape. You can choose any method to install this wire hider according to the installation environment. It only takes a short time to complete.
This cord covers for wires is made of fully enclosed design, professional oxidation technology, precision buckle design and standard optimized raw materials. It is light in texture, strong in compression and impact resistance, durable in insulation, moisture and dustproof, flame retardant and resistant Acid-base, non-strong external force damage, cord concealer is not easy to bend and break.  This wire cover have small color difference, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, and the decoration effect after installation is simple and elegant. You can use this wire concealer to wire the wall-mounted wires of TV, computer, wall, corner, corridor, living room, house, apartment, block, office.