Alexx Finders Key Purse Army

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Brand Alexx Inc.

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Finders Key Purse™ by Alexx Inc.

Lost Keys Making You Late?
Finders Key Purse™ is your answer! If your like most ladies, your keys are resting at the bottom of your purse. You need them fast but have to search deep in your purse, possibly dumping the purse to speed things up. Car keys, gate keys, office keys, gym locker keys, safe deposit box keys, storage bin keys, and more that need to be at a finger tips reach.

A Better Mouse Trap! Never Lose Your Keys Again.
The worst part is that it's so easy to lose your keys. We're sure it has nothing to do with our organizational skills, but we seem to be searching for our own keys a lot more often lately. It's probably because we didn't have a better option, but now we do!

At Last!
Alexx Inc. created these handy key finders using common sense. They have created a way to eliminate the "Oh my gosh, I'm running out the door, and I can't find my keys!" nightmare. It was only a matter of time before common sense would prevail and come up with a better way to reduce the stress created by modern life by providing us with a handy tool that turns those times when we would normally tear up our purse searching for the car keys into a "no brainer".

Finders Key Purse™ can be used to save you valuable time. You will probably come up with several items that are specific to your needs and lifestyle. Whatever keys you "misplace" on a regular basis that can disrupt your schedule or cause you stress is a good item to hang on a Finders Key Purse™ Key Chain.

Finders Key Purse™ is designed to help you address whatever issue you or your family may have with finding lost keys that you need quickly.