A Cheerful Giver JBH71 Honey Pear Cider Bee Hive Jar Candle, 30-Ounce

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Brand A Cheerful Giver

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A Cheerful Giver Honey Pear Cider 30 oz. Bee Hive Jar Candle. Let the beautiful Beehive Jar warm your heart and surroundings with a touch of Spring and Summer. Enjoy the sweet smell of summer with our extra large Beehive Jar that will warm your heart and everything around you. This Beehive jar candle is crafted to look like a beehive with a honey bee flying by, which makes it perfect as a centerpiece to refresh ones table setting décor or as gifts for any occasion. Fragrance consists of a delicious Anjou pear and Honey crisp apple cider fragrance sprinkled with cinnamon and cloves. Holds 30 ounces. Burn time is 150 hours.