3 PACK Plant Covers, Plants/Fruits/Bushes Protection Netting Covers, 47" x 55", Freeze Protection

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Brand Freebie

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14.41 x 11.02 x 3.07 in
Brand Cikiciki
This plant protection cover Made of upgraded thicker non-woven fabric, this crafted plant jacket can retain heat, protecting your delicate plant from harsh condition, like Snow, Hail, Frost, Heavy Wind.Also can protect your plant avoid potential damage like birds biting or animal damage.Our tree covers for winter are made of lightweight and breathable non-woven fabric, which allows plants to absorb air, light and water, and is friendly and harmless to plant growth.
Zipper and Drawstring Design: The side zipper is for easy installation, and you can easily cover the plants with the frost cloth. The bottom double-adjustable drawstrings can better help the plants maintain the temperature and not be blown away after being tightened.  
  • Upgraded Thickness: The plant covers for winter are upgraded with a thickness of 2.4 oz, which is more durable than others and provides stronger protection for plants. It can be used repeatedly with high intensity in cold weather to protect plants.
  • Large Size & Widely Used: The large plant covers is widely suitable for most of growing trees,flowers,vegetables or multiple potted plants. Such as your palms, olive trees, banana/apple/orange/lemon/citrus/blueberry trees,tomato,tree ferns, shrubs,rose bush,osmanthus,dogwood,container plantings in garden, backyard or farm land.