Roman Dropship 163504 LED USB 1000L Cool White 84 ft,Green Cord Light Set

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Brand Roman Dropship

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      Superbright LED USB 1000L Cool White 84 ft, Green Cord Light Set, 10 Function Controller, 8 on/16 Off Timer, String, Perfect for Lighting Trees.Railings and More
  • 1000L Cool White superbright LED light set has a 3mm lens. This commercial-grade, tangle-free, green cord light set has a 16 ft lead cord and 1 inch bulb spacing for 100 feet of lighting.
  • Light sets feature a 10 function controller for steady or various flashing pattern lights. The built-in timer keeps your lights on for 8 hours and turns them off for 16 hours.
  • Each light set features a USB connector, which is compatible with the Roman Lights Ultra-Compact Portable 2000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank, the Roman 6" White Battery Box and any other charging device with a USB connection. It is perfect for lighting ceilings, patios, trees, bushes, fences and campsites.
  • You can plug them into any available USB port in your home, computer, car or boat.
  • USB adaptor is included, allowing you to plug into a standard 120V power outlet.