Roman Inc 60446 - Resin San Damiano Byzantine Wall Cross Crucifix 10 1/4 Inch

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Brand Roman Inc

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This unique crucifix is done in the Florentine style by the famed Joseph Studio. The inspirational crucifix is made of a durable resin/stone mix measures 10-1/4 x 9-1/4 inches so is more rectangularly shaped than a regular crucifix giving the crucifix its unique look. The colors of the crucifix are rich, deep browns, reds and golds often used by Florentine artists. This Florentine crucifix has images on the ends of the crossbars. To the right of Christ is an image of Mary as Blessed Mother while to the left is St. John, the Blessed Disciple, two of the people in Jesus' life who, according to scripture, stayed with Jesus through his death. At the top is an image of a pelican piercing its breast to feed the babies which are arrayed at the pelican's feet with the image representing the sacrifice Jesus made for us when he died on the cross. This crucifix, while showing the death of Jesus, also gives us the wonderful image of the love and loyalty of Mary and John for Jesus.